Contact Information


Gene Bloom


Ponce Andres Gebhardt


Cindy Clinger Butler
Data Administrator

Patty Loeb Levy
Corresponding Secretary


Toni Neuman Getz
E Mail Secretary

Diane Dawson Crosley
       Recording Secretary  


Web Development & Facebook Administrators
Larry Vaughn
Mike Blachly
Barry Weinstock


Truly Hix Callaway

Missing Classmates Chairperson

Gerry Wennberg
Music Chairperson

Robert Leher
Chronicles Chairperson

Chuck Counts
Stan Cook 
      GW Alums and Friends

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GW Class of 1965 Reunion Committee

40th Reunion       30th Reunion        40th Reunion

(past - present - future)
Now working on the 45th Reunion!

Gene Bloom, Chairperson
Cindy Clinger Butler, Data Administrator
Ponce Andres Gebhardt, Treasurer
Patty Loeb Levy, Corresponding Secretary
Toni Neuman Getz, E Mail Secretary
Diane Dawson Crosley, Recording Secretary
Larry Vaughn, GW Web Administrator and Facebook
Mike Blachly, Facebook Group Administrator and GW Web Site
Barry Weinstock, GW Website and Facebook
Truly Hix Callaway, Missing Classmates
Stan Cook, GW Alums and Friends; Jolly Green Giant Guardian
Chuck Counts, Historian
Larry Fine, Mt Vernon Country Club Liaison
Robert Leher, Chronicles
Barbara Brown Noel, Decorations
Gerry Wennberg, Music and CD Producer

Dick Agren
Jeanne Achziger Balent
Peggy Finegold Beck
Byron Blend
Francene Bernstein Boxer
Pat Burch
Gail Goodman Burke
Marsha Logan Campbell
Ned Coons
Don Cope
Linda Schones Douma
Jim Eichberg
Sandee Ely
Mike Gale
Jeanne Munro Glass
Kent Gregory
John Hershner
Petie Schayer Horton
Judy Solomon Landon
Janice Lane
Richard Meer
Jeff McClelland
Candy Buchanan McDanal
Jerry McDanal
Ed McWilliams
Jim Munro
Andy Quiat
Larry Reese
Steve Replin
Maggie Rice
Rhonda Sarris
Marianne Shelton Selkirk
Bobby Sherman
Steve Steinberg
Tom Staible
Stuart Zisman